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At our facility in Atwater, California, we have a vast area set aside for aircraft storage. We offer long term and short term storage service. Our storage area is capable of storing approximately 100 large commercial aircraft and several hundred smaller regional or corporate aircraft. Our location is the ideal setting for preserving the structural integrity of your aircraft and the equipment on board.
If you are considering a storage provider for your aircraft, consider the following items as they are important for protecting your assets:


Atwater, California has limited changes in climate. It receives minimal rainfall and is considered to be dryer "than most places in California." Similar to Atwater's rainfall statistic, humidity throughout the area is very low. Most of the year Atwater is considered to be very dry. During periods of peak moisture, Atwater is said to be within "comfortable" levels. These key factors are important when you may be placing your aircraft in storage for an unknown period of time. Do not store your aircraft in extremely cold conditions, in areas of elevated rainfall, or areas with high relative humidity levels. The wrong choice in storage environment can be very costly.


AeroX ensures your aircraft will remain safe and secure at all times. All entrances to the storage area are under 24-hour surveillance and all access to the storage ground is controlled. Your assets are protected.


For convenience reasons, many aircraft owners prefer to store their fleet in one location. Due to the large area of our storage ground, we offer this convenience factor. Store your entire fleet with us. Doing so may have more benefits than just having a single point of contact, it may also be important if you opt to utilize our additional services, such as parts retrieval and servicing.


Inventory Management, Parts Removal & Replacement, Aircraft Servicing, Inspections, Maintenance, Modifications, and more... If you require any services for, or in spite of, the aircraft placed in storage, contact us and we will happily take care of your needs. As a trusted resource for many MRO providers, Air Agencies, and aircraft owner/operators; we understand the unique needs throughout the industry and work with you to create an appropriate service plan.



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