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When Engineering new aircraft modifications for specialized purposes, it is vital to have competent personnel working alongside your engineers throughout the prototyping process. Our skilled Technicians assist customers to develop and implement new modifications for various purposes. Whether we are working in support of DOD operations or Civilian operations, our ability to integrate with design teams simplifies the process.


With our extensive Structural background we are the ideal partner for facilitating any and all structural / sheet-metal modifications and repairs. Our personnel are capable of completing virtually any structural modification in virtually any location. Lean on our expertise to ensure your project is completed safely and without delay.

Common Structural Modifications:
  • Winglet Installation
  • Belly POD (various purposes)
  • Ventral Strake installation
  • Specialized Long-range Maritime Strake Installation
  • Air Medical Transport Conversions
  • Cargo Freight Conversions
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Our workforce is comprised of approximately 75% military Veterans. We understand Operational Security and as such we maintain control over sensitive information as required by our customers. Also, we have access to a small fleet of C-130 aircraft if discreet transport of parts or equipment is required. We know that Security / Privacy is very important to our customers.


As a long-serving avionics installation provider, we are uniquely capable of installing complex systems and equipment on aircraft of all sizes and applications. When installing standard equipment as per common manufacturers we work directly from wire diagrams and other approved data. When working to design and install a new system which our customers have developed, we work side by side with our customer to ensure all installation items are completed with the highest degree of accuracy.
Common Avionics/Electronic Modifications:
  • ADS-B Solutions
  • FANS-1A
  • WiFi Upgrades
  • Cabin Management / Entertainment Systems
  • Aerial Surveillance Equipment 
  • Aerial Mapping / Topography Equipment
  • Wiring Provisions for Future Equipment
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