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Keeping You Flying


MRO and Modification Services


MRO and Modification Services


Special Projects and Experimental Aircraft

Who We Are

AeroX is a major provider of structural modifications, cargo conversions, avionics installations/upgrades, maintenance, and urgent AOG services to commercial, corporate, and military operators worldwide. With over 30 years of experience, our proven reputation for success and quality has made us a leading provider in the aviation industry.


Our company culture is extremely positive and our highly skilled Technicians are truly appreciated, well compensated, and know that they play an integral part in our success. Without them, we are not able to successfully handle the various demands of aviation & aerospace. We remain ready to respond at all times and with minimal lead time. Our model is rapid response. We send AeroX teams to your aircraft, anywhere in the world. If you seek a trusted resource for AOG, Modifications, Repairs, or Maintenance; call AeroX.


We offer reliability, responsiveness, flexibility, quality, and efficiency.



AeroX -- Keeping You Flying

About AeroX


Where We Are

AeroX, and its affiliate partners, have locations worldwide. Our hangars allow us to properly house and carry out maintenance on large and small aircraft without issue. Whether you have a Boeing 737 or a King Air; we have the facilities, equipment, and the experience necessary to keep you in the air.

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